Department of Mass Communication

masscomMs. Indira Devi Nongmaithem, Head in charge

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Journalism and Mass Communication is a course related to communication. The course requires rigorous practical work and in-depth understanding. It comprises six-core subjects- Journalism, Video Production, Comunication Research, Advertising, Public Relations and New Media. 
Journalism is further branched into Print Journalism, Electronic Journalism and Photojournalism. Here you would get to learn the skills of reporting, writing and editing stories (news stories). In video production, the Department aims to impart theoretical knowledge and practical skills of handling equipments like video camera, still camera, editing software and studio recording equipments. 
     Advertising is a popular core, taught as a part of the course. You would learn a little bit of marketing along with how a typical ad agency functions and the practical aspect include designing ad campaigns. Public Relations or PR as it is popularly known, will help you understand the different people a company needs to maintain a cordial relationship with, be it consumers, dealers, government, employees and so on. Finally, the course will familiarize the students on the fundamentals of New Media technologies with special emphasis on the web world. 
     Unlike popular belief that Mass Communication is a course which only helps you work in the media especially electronic media, studying Mass Communication here in Mizoram University entails knowing about all the aspects of communicating with the masses where masses are large number of people unknown to you. 


About the Department:

     The Department imparts to its students a disciplined understanding of both theoretical and practical knowledge of communication research. It has been successful in its attempt to explore research avenues on media, culture and society in the North East particularly Mizoram. Each student produces a research dessertation which is a requirement for the successful completion of the degree.
     As of now, the Department has completed four semesters of its first academic intake of students. The first batch of students in the history of the Department performed very well in their academic and co-curricular activities in and outside the University. The Department has also started a Film Club ‘Campus Cine Film Club’ where every Thursday afternoon is used for film screenings.