Academic Council


[Constituted vide Notification No.MZU/Acad-6/1/12/4039; Dt. 27th January, 2012, in terms of provisions of Mizoram University Statute 13(1)(a) & 13(1)(b) read with Statute 2(1)& Statute 4(6)]

Ex-Officio members :

  1. Vice-Chancellor : Prof. R.Lalthantluanga (Ex-Officio Chairperson)
  3. Deans of Schools.
  4. Dean of Students’ Welfare.
  5. Heads of Departments and Centres of Studies.
  6. Librarian
  7. Principals of Colleges maintained by the University.
    1. The Principal, Pachhunga University College.
  8. All Professors other than Heads of the Departments and Centres.

Principals of Affiliated Colleges:

ix) Three Principals of Colleges admitted to the privileges of the University to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor by rotation according to seniority.

  1. Dr. Lalthanzauva, Principal, Govt. Aizawl West College.
  2. Dr. J. Zorema, Principal, Govt. J. Buana College.
  3. Dr. Lalsiamhnuna, Principal, Govt. Saitual College.

Representatives of Teachers of the University:

x) Five Teachers of the University, other than those under (i) to (viii) above, by rotation according to seniority, of which two shall be Assoc. Professors and Three Asst. Professors.

1) Dr. Lalrindiki T. Fanai, Department of English. 
2) Dr. Lalrinthanga, Department of Economics. 
3) Dr Koduru Srinivasa Rao, Department of Geology.
4) Dr. Cherrie Lalnunziri Chhangte, Department of English. 
5) Shri Joseph Lalzarliana, Dept. of History and Ethnography

Vice-Chancellor’s Nominees:

xi) Four persons of academic eminence who are not employees of the University or of a College or Institution affiliated to it, to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor. 

i ) Prof. A. N. Rai, Dept. of Biochemistry, North Eastern Hill University, Sjhillong - 793022
ii) Prof. M. M. Salunkhe, Vice Chancellor, Yashwanta Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nashik - 422222.
iii) Prof. Kumkum Bhattacharya, Dept. of Social Work, Vishwa Bharati, Sriniketan - 731236, West Bengal.
iv) Prof. Amar Yumnam, Dept. of Economics, Manipur Univesrtiy, Imphal - 795003

 Representatives of Teachers of Affiliated Colleges :

xii) Three teachers of the Colleges admitted to the privileges of the University, elected from amongst themselves.

  1. Shri Thanglura, Associate Professor, Govt. Aizawl College.
  2. Dr. P.L. Ramliana, Associate Professor, Govt. Aizawl West College.
  3. Dr. E. Lalremruata, Associate Professor, Govt. J. Thankima College. 

Representatives of Teachers of Pachhunga University College :

xiii) One teacher of Pachhunga University College to be elected teachers from amongst themselves. 

  1. Shri Lallungmuana

Representatives of Teachers of Postgraduate Departments of the University:

xiv) One Teacher of Post Graduate Department to be elected by teachers from amongst themselves. 

  1. Dr. John Zothanzama Sailo

Respresentative of Post graduate Students of the Universtiy:

xv) Two Post-Graduate students of the University and one Research Scholar.

  1. Shri. Zothanpuia, Research Scholar, Dept. of Biotechnology.
  2. Shri Reuben Lalmalsawma, Dept. of Mass Communication.
  3. Ms. Ruatdiki Hmar, Dept. of Political Science.