School of Economics, Management & Information Science


Dean : Prof. NVR Jyoti Kumar
Phone: 0389-2330707    Mb: 9436352448 

        The five departments operating under the School are: Economics, Commerce, Library & Information Science, Management, and Mass Communication.  Students of different disciplines are exposed to latest knowledge and skills which help them in pursuing higher studies and research to get employment in relevant fields.  The School has initiated a number of relevant courses in the areas of Economics, Commerce, Library & Information Science, Management and Mass Communication keeping in view the global trends and developments in the 21st century.

It is a regular feature for the departments to organize workshops, seminars, refresher courses and field based practical.  Many students who have passed out from this school have been employed by reputed organizations, including private and public sector banks and the office of the Comptroller of Auditor and Accountant General, Govt. of India.

The Department of Management offers a 5-Years Integrated Master of Business Administration (IMBA) Programme, in addition to MBA Programme.  The course is designed in such a way that a student can quit from the programme at the end of the 3rd year period, to acquire the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).  The student can rejoin the course for the degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA), within a maximum period of two years.  The course is designed to offer students the experience of working in real world situations under the guidance of mentors.  The School also offers Ph.D. and M.Phil. programmes in Economics, Commerce, Library & Information Science, and Management.  The Department of Mass Communication offers Ph.D. programme.



I(i)The Dean, School of Economics, Management & Information Sciences, MZU,
Ex Officio Chairperson

1(ii)    All Heads of Departments:

  1. The Head, Deptt. of Economics, MZU
  2. The Head, Deptt. of Commerce, MZU.
  3. The Head, Deptt. of Library & Information Science, MZU.
  4.  The Head, Dsptt, of Management MZU.
  5. The Head, Deptt. of Mass Communication, MZU

1(iii)    All Professors in the School:

  1. Prof. Lianzela, Department of Economics, MZU.
  2. Prof. PravakarRath, Department ofLibrary & Information Science, MZU.
  3. Prof. NVR Jyoti Kumar, Department of Commerce, MZU.
  4. Prof. Vanlalchhawna, Department of Economics, MZU
  5. Prof. R.K. Ngurtinkhuma, Department of Library & Information Science, MZU.
  6. Prof. Bhartendu Singh, Department of Commerce, MZU
  7. Prof. L. Shashi Kumar Sharma, Department of Management, MZU.
  8. Prof. Elangbam Nixon Singh, Department of Management, MZU.
  9. Prof. Shyam Narayan Singh, , Department of Library & Information Science, MZU
  10. Prof.R.N. Mishra, Department of Library & Information Science, MZU

1(iv) One Reader(Asso. Professor) &One lecturer(Asst. Professor) from each ofthe Department by rotation on the basis of seniority:

  1. Prof. Lalrinthanga, Department of Economics, MZU
  2. Mr. S.K. Ghosh, Department of Economics, MZU
  3. Dr. N. Rokendro Singh, Department of Commerce, MZU
  4. Dr. Rama Ramswamy, Department of Commerce, MZU
  5. Dr. Lalngaizuali, Department of Library & Information Science, MZU
  6. Dr. K. Lalromawia, Department of Management, MZU
  7. Dr. Indira Devi Nongmeithem, Department of Mass Communication, MZU

1(v)One Representative of each of the Board of other Schools which have inter­- disciplinary works:

(1) Prof. K. VidyaSagar Reddy, Department of Political Science, MZU
(2) Prof. SarangadharBaral, Department of English, MZU.
(3) Prof. P. Rinawma, Department of Geography, MZU
(4) Mr. Laltanpuia, Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, MZU
(5) Prof. Surya Kant Mehta, Department of Botany, MZU
(6) Mr. Lalhmingliana, Department of Computer Engineering, MZU
(7) Ms. Sylvia Romawizuali, Department of Planning & Architecture, MZU

 1(vi)  Not more Two Teachers of the subject from Affiliated and Constituent Colleges:

(1) Dr. K. Laldailova, Department of Economics, PUC, Aizwl
(2) Dr. P.L. Ramliana, Department of Economics, Govt. of Aizawl West College, Aizawl
(3) Dr. Lalbiakzuali, Department of Commerce, Govt. Hrangbana College, Aizawl
(4) Dr. Vanlalthlana, Department of Commerce, PUC, Aizawl
(5) Dr. Anupam Kumar, Department of Statistics, PUC, Aizawl
(6) Dr. Abhimanyu Singh Yadav, Department of Statistics, PUC, Aizawl

 VII. Five External Experts:

  1. Prof. SaundarjyaBorbora, Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, IIT, Guwahati – 781039.
  2. Prof. Sunil KantaBehera, Professor of Eminence, Department of Mass Communication, Tezpur University, Napaam, Assam-784028
  3. Prof. H.K. Singh, Faculty of Commerce, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221 005
  4. Prof. I.V. Malhan, Department of Library & Information Science, Central University of Himachal Pradesh, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh-176215
  5. Prof. J.P. Sharma, Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, Delhi-110 007