About the School

 School of Earth Sciences & Natural Resources Management

                The School was established in 2002 as “School of Forestry & Earth Sciences”. Later, it was renamed as “School of Earth Sciences & Natural Resources Management”, in 2006. The School comprises of 6(Six) functioning Academic Departments: Forestry, Geology, Environmental Science, Geography & Resources Management, Horticulture, Aromatic & Medicinal Plants (HAMP) and Extension Education and Rural Development (EE & RD). All academic Departments offer Ph.DProgramme, PG Programmes are offered by all Departments except EE & RD. Forestry and Environmental Science Departments introduced M.Phil in their respective disciplines. In addition, three Centres namely, Centre of Petroleum Exploration, of BiodiversityResearch Centre and Centre for Disaster Management are also attached to the School. 

            Taking up the challenge and catering the need to fill up the gap of manpower requirement in the endeavor of sustainable rural development and to accelerate the pace of national as well as global economic development, Mizoram University established the Department of ‘Extension Education and rural Development’ under this School on February,2007. The Department has been working on various number of research projects, since its inception and offers Ph.Dprogrammes.

            The two year PG Course and Ph.Dprogrammes, in all six departments are demanding and well reflected on students intake capacity has been increased considerably, allowing students unsurpassed contact to learn and interact with researchers and academicians in the school. The thrust areas of research of the School include exploration and management of humanandcrop resources, medicinal and aromatic plants, land and water resources, natural disasters, rocks and minerals, bio-resources, R & D activities and aims to address the following areas:


The School was initially set up under the name of “School of Forestry & Earth Science”, in 2002 consists of 3 (three) Departments, Forestry, Environmental Science and Geology. It was broadened with 3(three) more departments namely, Geography and Resource Management, Horticulture, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants (HAMP) and Extension, Education & Rural Development (EE&RD) and the name of was changed to the School of Earth Sciences & Natural Resources Management” in 2006. Presently, the School comprises of 6 (six) Academic Departments, the Department of Environmental Science, the Department of Extension, Education &Rural Development (EE&RD), the Department of Forestry, the Department of Geography and Resources Management, the Department of Geology and the Department of Horticulture, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants (HAMP). All academic departments, except EE & RD Department offer Post-Graduate Studies and Ph.D. Programme under UGC Ph.D Regulations 2009 was introduced in 2010 while EE & RD started Ph.DProgrammew.e.f. 2015.