Department of Geology

Dr. K. Srinivasa Rao, Head

Department of Geology, Mizoram University
Telefax: 0389 – 2330386 / 2300787

                        The Department of Geology, Mizoram University was made operational in 2002. However, it was existence under the Mizoram Campus of North-Eastern Hill University. The first batch of students in the M. Sc. Geology, course were admitted in July 2002, with the appointment of Prof. R.P. Tiwari as Head In-charge.

                        The main objective of the department is to foster the cause of discipline in the region and to produce persons skilled in technical and research in the multi-disciplinary area of the Earth Sciences. The department is committed to address to the various fundamental and challenging problems of Earth Sciences in this region. At the same time, it remains sensitive to the problems of geological nature affecting the society. It has introduced Ph. D. Programmes related to these problems with a view to generate and to analyse in-situ data and for in depth understanding of the problems.