Department of Sociology

Prof. Rabindra Kumar Mohanty, Head

Sociology delves deep and reconnoitres issues vital to our own lives, our communities, our nation, nay the world. The sociological imagination and the skills that one learns through the study of sociology are absolutely inimitable, regardless of the paths we eventually walk our way. The attitude to understand and develop empathy for diverse populace and cultures, the ability to think critically about social problems and social policy, and the aptitude to analyse data and interpret materials  and write coherently are just a few of the many skills the study of sociology stands for.

The academic sociology at Mizoram has a long past and a short history. Sociology in Mizoram was taught in constituent colleges much before the establishment of University Department. This University Department of Sociology was established only on the 15th of December, 2014 under the ardent guidance of the then Dean SSS Professor Srinibas Pathi with Masters’ programme and subsequently admitting candidates for PhD Degree. The bright and perspective students find this department their home now as against costly and painstaking migration beyond the borders of North East that they were experiencing hitherto for their sociological training.This Department attracts highest number of applications among seven subjects in the school of social sciences. The admission process to this Department has been very rigorous with written entrance followed by GD and personal interview in consonance with standards set by this NAAC accredited ‘A’ Grade University. In the process, however only 20% applicants find their entry.

Our Masters’ programme and research activities focus on topics and themes vital to the discipline and have been oriented towards addressing contemporary sociological issues in their thematic, theoretical and methodological aspects that have both basic and applied dimensions. Students and faculties put their best of endeavour to bring semblance between time- suited course curriculums and need based CBCS pedagogy. The Department has all that it should/must have including high-tech class rooms, smart classes, a full-fledged computer laboratory and a departmental library. We offer a unique environment in which to study sociology, either on its own or in combination with other disciplines, and to pursue sociological research at the cutting edge of the discipline. Availability of several open elective courses floated by relevant departments facilitates reciprocity and exchange of students among them within the University.

Our faculty includes senior and young members who are nationally and internationally trained and some of the best young scholars in the country who are rigorously pursuing their specializations and publishing as well. North East India admittedly provides the best laboratory for making sociological experiments. We are confident that the training as well as the cultural and social experience we offer will open avenues for our students for further advanced training in the region or beyond as well as employment opportunities in the public, private and civil society sectors in the country. Thus the Faculties and the students of the Department of Sociology promise to work hard in line with the motto of our University ‘Greater Deeds Remain’.

We invite you to pay a visit to this Department and advance your suggestions in the greater interest of the faculty and our students.