MZU Alumni Association

On the 21st May 2010, some alumni (ex-students) of the University convened a Meeting and the Meeting decided to form Ex-Students’ Association of Mizoram University (ESAM) as a forerunner and Steering Body for establishment of the Alumni Association. It was further resolved that when an Official Alumni Association comes into existence, this ESAM should be automatically dissolved.

The Ad hoc Office Bearers of ESAM were also elected from amongst themselves as follows:

Chairman :

Mr. Emanuel Lalhriatzuala Ralte, Dept. of Economics (2005-07)

Vice Chairman : Mr. Zothanliana Colney, Dept. of Psychology (2004-06)
Secretary :  

Mr. Remlalliana Hnamte, Dept. of Political Science (2006-08)

Asst. Secretaries  :  Mr. James Ramdinmawia,Dept. of English (2005-07)
   Mr. Lalzarzova, Dept. of Economics (2007-09)

The Ad Hoc Office Bearers informed the University Authorities that ESAM came into existence and further requested them to take immediate action for the formation of Alumni Association. Since the Alumni Association has been provided for in the MZU Acts & Statutes which was passed by the Parliament, its formation should be done officially under the guidance of University Authorities. Accordingly, the University also took necessary action, Mizoram University Cell on Alumni Association Advisory Committee was formed and it is headed by Prof. P. Rinawma, Dean, School of Earth Science as the Chairman and Prof. Lalrintluanga, Head, Dept. of Public Administration as the Coordinator. The Coordinator was assisted by Departmental Coordinators.

The MZU Cell on Alumni Association took immediate action, convened a meeting of the passed out students of MZU to form an Alumni Association on the 27th October 2011 (at 1:30 p.m.) at the Golden Hall of Hrangbana College. The formation of Ad hoc Body of Mizoram University Alumni Association took a concrete shape with the election of its Office Bearers.

Ad hoc Office Bearers of the MZU Alumni Association are as follows:


President : Mr. Emanuel Lalhriatzuala Ralte,  Deptt. of Economics (2005-2007)
 Vice President :

Mr. R. Zonunsanga, Deptt. of Geography TC & RM (2005-2007)

 General Secretary :

Mr. James Ramdinmawia, Deptt. of English (2005-2007)

 Joint Secretaries :  Mr. Albert Vanlalruata,Deptt. of History & Ethnography (2009-2011)
     Mr. Isaac Lalrohlua, Deptt. of Bio-technology (2009-2011)
 Treasurer :  Dr. (Ms) Lalngaizuali, Deptt. of Library & Information Science (2003-2005)
Finance Secretary : Mr. CMS Dawngliana, Deptt. of History & Ethnography (2009-2011)


The meeting of the Office Bearers was instantaneously held which appointed 11 passed out students as the Executive Members of the Ad hoc Body of the Association.


In pursuance of the resolutions passed by the Departmental Coordinators’ meeting held on 13.10.2011 which had been ratified by the Advisory Committee of MZU Cell on Alumni Association in its meeting held on 21.10.2011, the following terms of reference have been given to the newly formed Ad hoc Body of the Association:

Since the Official Alumni Association was being formed, the so called ESAM was automatically dissolved.

The 1st General Body Meeting (GBM) of MZU Alumni Association was held on the 6th December 2011 (Tuesday) 12:00 Noon at I & PR Auditorium, Aizawl. Prof. R. Lalthantluanga, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, MZU, graced the function as Chief Guest. The Meeting was presided over by Mr. Emanuel Lalhriatzuala, President of the Ad hoc Body.


The GBM approved and adopted the Draft Constitution as a Constitution for the MZU Alumni Association after discussion and deliberations and making slight modifications. It also approved “MIZUAA” as an official abbreviated form of the name of the Association. The Meeting passed one Resolution which reads:


“Memorandum be submitted to the University Authorities to put forward an amendment Proposal for Section 38 (3) of the Statutes of Mizoram University Acts & Statutes.”


The Meeting also approved 27th October as the Rising Day of MIZUAA.