Mizoram  University Non-Teaching Employees Association (MUNTSA)

   Mizoram University Non-Teaching Employees Association (MUNTSA) is one of the recognized service associations of Mizoram University.  The Association under the name MUNTSA was established in 2001 and it stands for the welfare of Non-Teaching Staff of the University which extends to administrative, service matters and any other group interests.

MUNTSA is presently affiliated to various regional and national associations/federations having the same interest viz. Central Govt. Employees Federation of Mizoram, North East Central Universities Employees Federation, All India Universities Employees Confederation etc. and actively participates in various activities i.e. meeting, seminars, sports etc inside and outside the State organized from time to time by the above federations.                   

Leaders of MUNTSA for the period 2018-19 (wef 15th December 2017):  

President                          -        Dr C. Lawmzuala                            
Vice - President               -        Pu Lalchhuanawma Hrahsel
General Secretary           -        Pu Robert Lalnunmawia
Assistant Secretary        -        Pu Lalrinmawia
Joint Secretary                -        Pu F. Lalthanzauva
Treasurer                         -        Pi Lalchhanchhuahi 
Finance Secretary          -        Pu PC. Lalhriatpuia

In terms of the Article XI of the Constitution, the following members have been selected as Executive Committee members:-

  1. Pu A.D. Lalhmingliana, Assistant Registrar, Establishment (Non-Teaching)
  2. Pu K. Zodinsanga, Assistant, Finance Department.
  3. Pu Lallawmzuala, J.E., Engineering Cell
  4. Pi Vanlalringi, T.A., Commerce Department.
  5. Pi Helen Lalthanpari, Section Officer, Academic.
  6. Pu. C. Rosiama, Pharmacist, Health Centre
  7. Pu. C. Vanlalzuia, Lab. Assistant, GAD (B)
  8. Pu. F. Vanlalchhuanga, Lab. Assistant, Geology Department
  9. Pu T. Siamthanga, Library Assistant, Central Library
  10. Pu Lalthlamuana Khiangte, LDC, GAD (B)
  11. Pu Lalnunmawia Khiangte, Section Officer, GAD (A)
  12. Pi. T. Lalremruati, Section Officer, Finance
  13. Pu C. Rotlinga, Jr. Translator, Hindi Cell
  14. Pu Ngurthansanga Sailo, Laboratory Assistant, Botany Department
  15. Dr. R. Zonuntluanga, Jt. Registrar, Establishment
  16. Dr. K. Zirnunsanga, Dy. Registar, GAD
  17. Dr. R.K. Vanlalhmangaihi, Sr. Medical Officer, Health Centre
  18. Pi Lalthapuii, Library Assistant, Central Library
  19. Pu C. Vanlalruata, Driver, GAD(A)
  20. Pi C. Lalhmangaihzuali, Section Officer, Establishment (Teaching)
  21. Dr. Lalchhuanawma, T.A., Botany Department
  22. Pu David Lalhrezuala, UDC, GAD (A)
  23. Pi Lalthansangi Sailo, Assistant, Establishment (Non-Teaching)
  24. Nl. Kawlchhingpuii, Section Officer, Examination (UG)
  25. Nl. Kapmawii, Section Officer, GAD (B)
  26. Pu R. Rohluna, MTS, Chemistry Department
  27. Pi Lalrintluangi, Private Secretary, Pro-Vice-Chancellor
  28. Pi Lalrinkimi, Professional Assistant, Central Library
  29. Pu Rosangliana, UDC, Establishment (Non-Teaching)
  30. Pu Richard Rosiamliana, J.E., Engineering Cell
  31. Pi Lalbiaknungi Hrahsel, LDC, Department of Political Science
  32. Pu Vanchhunga, T.A., ICT
  33. Pu Lalmalsawma, LDC, Academic
  34. Pu F. Lalherliana, Driver, GAD (A)
  35. Pu Biswarjeet Sing, Laboratory Attendant, Dean, SSS