Commerse Facilities

Departmental Library:
The books acquired for the Department is being kept in the Central Library of the University. A good collection of text and reference books and journals are being maintained at the Library. Mizoram University subscribes many On-line journals which may be accessed through the Mizoram University’s Computer Centre.
In addition to the above, the Department has maintained a micro library in the premises with a small collection of text and reference books, C.D.s Video Cassettes, magazines etc.
Computing Facilities:
Every faculty and the office have been provided with computers along with printers and internet connection. All the computers on LAN and are connected through outlook messenger. Various on-line journals subscribed by the University may be assessed from the Department itself. All the students are having access to the computer through the Computer Lab maintained by the Department. 
Computer Laboratory:
The Department maintains a computer lab with fifteen computers, which is being used for imparting knowledge about computerised accounting, statistical analysis, website development, desktop publishing etc. The internet facility to the students is available at the Computer Centre of the University.