Design Cell

      A professional consultation body and an innovation hub formed within the department to share ideas amongst the faculty members and students, to come up with solutions to answer any design related issues.
It takes upprojects like Architectural& Design consultancy, Construction Consultancy, Estimation  & Budgeting, Building material specification, Project Management and Competitions etc. including professional activities falling under Practice of an Architect as defined by COA.
The Design Cell manage its affairs through a committee of faculty members and the authorities of the institution,duly authorised to initiate and conclude negotiations for jobs and other details like nature of job,fees,responsibilities etc.
Estabilished in 2017 by the 47th Meeting of the Executive Council, the MZU Design Cell has taken up two projects :

  1. Residence at Gan Sabra, Luangmual. The project involves designing, submission of detailed drawings and supervision till completion of Civil Works. (on going)
  2. Renovation of MZU Incubation Centre. (Completed)
  3. Faculty Development Centre at Mizoram University (on going)

  4. New Academic Block at Pachhunga University College (on going)