Departmental Library: Department of Education has well-furnished Reading Room cum Departmental Library comprising References, books, CDs and Theses (M. Phil. & Ph. D.).

Laboratories and Resource Centres:
Department has established the following laboratories in its own building:

  • Psychology Lab.;
  • Computer lab./ICT Centre with 31 terminals;
  • Science & Mathematics Lab.;
  • Social Science Resource Centre;
  • Sport Club coordinated by Qualified Instructor;
  • Music/Recreation Room coordinated by qualified instructor;
  • Arts & Crafts Centre.

Besides, the department has access to a Language Laboratory which is shared by departments within School of Education and Humanities.

ICT Facilities:

  1. Besides one dedicated computer laboratory with 31 terminals the Department is equipped with sufficient number of Laptops, LCD projectors (Fixed & Portable), OHPs, Projection Screens etc.
  2. All teachers and office staffs are provided with their personal computers with internet connectivity.
  3. Also the Department is fitted out with WiFi connectivity.

Research Facilities:
        The department offers Ph.D. and M.Phil. Courses and has the required human and infrastructural resources. Research Scholars are benefitted by eclectic group of experts available in the department with distinguished research experiences. Required psychological and educational tests and tools to undertake research are also available in the department. Besides the national and international journal relating different domains of education disciplines, encyclopaedias, and reference material etc. are available in the central library.


Departmental Facilities are largely used by the students, researchers and teachers of the department; besides candidates from other departments and institutions can access by applying to the head of department.