Department of Extension Education & Rural Development

Dr. Lalnilawma , Head

Ph: 0389-2330221; Mobile - 9436143465

        Rural development calls for a concerted effort and a fusion of will and of skills in the political, administrative, professional and executive fields. The subject has emerged as a global issue for which varied strategies have been deployed by developed and developing countries.

In India, development of rural areas and the rural people has been primary concern in the economic planning & development process of the country. Thus, rural development has gained popularity and more stress is being attached to it ever since independence. A number of rural development models, approaches, strategies have been put forth, but the challenge, to accelerate economic growth for enhancement in socio-economic welfare of the masses persists. How to meet this challenge has been a serious task to the developmental economists, planners, managers and scholars.

        Taking up the challenge and catering the need to fill up the gap of manpower requirement in the endeavor of sustainable rural development and accelerate the pace of national as well as global economic development, the Mizoram University established the Department of 'Extension Education and Rural Development' in February, 2007.

        Extension Education and Rural Development' shares a common logic wherein Extension is always a means towards its end goal of Rural Development. Thus, the Department derived its name.