Psychology Facilities

Facilities available for Teaching and Research:

A. List of Psychological test and equipment

Type of Test                                                                  No of Varieties

Learning and memory                                                     -          12

Intelligence and cognition                                               -          17

Problem solving ability                                                    -           9

Concept formation                                                         -           1

Aptitude test                                                                 -           1

Interest and study habit inventory                                     -           4

Value tests                                                                    -           2

Aspiration scales                                                            -           2

Attitude scales                                                               -           4

Environmental attitudes scales                                          -           3

Social change                                                                -           8

Parent child relationship                                                  -           6

Interpersonal relations                                                     -           4

Social/ emotional maturity scale                                        -           3

Social distance/ group scale                                             -           3

Projective technique                                                        -           6

Self concept                                                                  -           12

Adjustments and problem inventories                                 -           7

Frustration and aggression scales                                       -           3

Stress, anxiety                                                                -           16

Neuropsychological assessment                                         -           24

Motivational tests                                                            -           3

B. Lists of apparatus

Learning and memory                                                      -           2

Biofeedback full Set                                                         -           4

Supporting apparatus, software & guide book                      -          18


Mechanism of interaction with students (Lectures/tutorials/practical):

Lecture with power point presentation.

Tutorial with counseling, discussion, seminar.

Practical :conduction of psychological test in

(i) Departmental Laboratory,

(ii) Field work in Psychiatric wing, Civil Hospital

(iii) Remand Home, Protective Home.

(iv) Central Jail which is run by the Government of Mizoram and

(v) Professional Study Tour to reputed institutions of the nation where Psychological services are offered to have     practical knowledge of national standard.

(vi)Statistical packages available in the laboratory are utilized for   analyzing data for practical reports.

 With knowledge of the science of human behaviour, the Department has maintained the following:

  • It focuses on student’s behaviour through teaching on how to apply positive psychology in their daily life, and serve them to other significant persons.
  • Students are advised to attend class regularly, and to gain more knowledge through teaching, to score not less than 75% marks that is equivalent to their attendance percentage (minimum requirement for eligibility in semester examination).
  • Students are inspired to take care of their respective department in cleaning, closing windows and door after class over.
  • A joint Student-Staff social work is organized at intervals in the last working day of the week to clean windowpane, ceiling, etc.
  • Students are educated with the need and how to save environment through environmental psychology paper which is taught in their III semester. Each students of I, III and Pre –Ph.D/M.Phil contributed Rs. 50/- generously to buy Dustbin for practical work of saving environment in keeping a separate dustbins for reusable materials (which can be used again after cleaning), recyclable materials (plastic, metal, glass, paper, juice container), Non-recyclable materials (crisp packets, sweet wrappers, polystyrene, gum), and composable  material (food, fruits, vegetables, meat, soil tissue paper, wooden stirrers), and for awareness of environmental conservation. 
  • Student visits picnic spot to clean litters for giving awareness and save environment.
  • Students are advice to help each other and no ragging in the department so far. 
  • Research Standard of APA and ethics are maintained in the department.
  • Pre- Ph D/ M.Phil Course for the first six months is compulsory, Daily attendance and regular Seminar presentation of Research Progress from registration till submission are maintained in the Department for research quality.