Facilities, Lab & Centre’s:

 Any Students/Research Scholars from other departments or from other institution can access the facilities provided that they should write application to the Head of Department


a) Departmental Library:

     Department is planning to establish a departmental library which will be accessible to the students, faculty members and staffs of the department.

b) Laboratory:

     The department has one well equipped laboratory for M.Sc. and three Research laboratories for practical teaching and research wherein instruments such as Nitrogen analyser (Kel Plus and Biojkal), Flame photometer, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, Fibroton, BOD Incubator, Deep freeze, pH meter etc are available and being utilized by the students and research scholars. Besides, research scholars and faculty members of the department can also avail the facilities present in the Central Instrumentation Laboratory of Mizoram University.

c) Nursery and Garden:

     At present the department has one mini forest nursery for demonstrations well as field practice by the students and also for carrying out research work by the Ph.D. scholars. Department is also in the process of establishing a garden for teaching, research and demonstration related field activities.

d) Computing facilities:

     A computer room with 10 computers is also available in the department for the use of students and research scholars. Besides, each faculty member of the department is provided with a computer with internet facility in their respective office chamber.