Department of History & Ethnography

Dr. K. Robin, Head
Ph:- 0389-2330410. Fax: 0389–2330531 

Year of Establishment : 2002

Year of First Intake of Student : 2002


About The Department:


 The Department of History and Ethnography was opened in July 2002 under Mizoram University. The department offers courses leading to M.A., M.Phil. and Ph.D Degrees.

 The History and Ethnography Department seeks to establish a tradition of excellence in teaching and research and making history meaningful for all students. It will provide an experience that reflects the needs of the students and their context and prepares students for their future as informed citizens. Having served a growing number of students who have entered a variety of careers, including law, business, government, and education, the department aims to be a leader in the fields of public service and history by articulating and disseminating a state wide case for the value of history.

 By fostering and supporting a vibrant intellectual culture in the department, the department aims to promote faculty and student participation in national and international inquiry and discourse. It is also dedicated to serving the broader Mizo community through engagement in local and regional history forums. It will identify, document, protect, preserve, interpret and promote Mizoram's historical, archaeological, and folklife resources; nurture an understanding of Mizoram's cultural fabric; and promote Mizoram's role in regional, national, and international history.

 The department envisages the establishment of a centre or institute devoted to research on the history of Mizoram by way of interdisciplinary studies. The application of new media technology to historical studies and research will form a part of this project. This includes the creation of online databases, digitization of sources, oral history projects, and upgradation of the archival and museum collections.

 Apart from classroom teaching, tutoring, one-on-one mentoring, and seminar presentation, the department seeks to engage students outside the immediate environment of the classroom by way of the following:

 (i) Undertaking field trips to historical and archaeological places and sites to enhance their understanding of the past.

 (ii) Frequent visits to museums and archives within Aizawl which forms an important part of the learning process.

 (iii) The department’s own museum and archive enable students towards having hands-on experience in learning the value and significance of objects of material culture and documents in the reconstruction of the past.

 (iv) The department’s Public History initiatives have seen students organizing photographic exhibitions, creating documentaries on varied aspects of the history of Mizoram, undertaking awareness campaigns in schools on the importance of history and archaeology and the ways these subjects are studied in colleges and universities, inviting government officers and experts for lectures, discussion, and talks, interviewing people as part of their oral history projects, and writing the history of their own localities.

 (v) Group discussion is an integral part of the internal assessments adopted by faculty members to enhance participative learning.