The facilities mentioned underneath can be used by the departmental students and faculties (free of cost) and students, faculties of other department of Mizoram University and others can access by paying the recurring cost (if any).


Purpose of use

Table top digital pH meter Eutech

Measure hydrogen ion activity of Acidity or alkalinity

Handheld cyberscan digital pH meter Eutech

Measure hydrogen ion activity of Acidity or alkalinity

Hot plate cum stirrer

Heating and stirring of solutions

Digital colour meter

Analyzing colour of fruits, vegetables and other samples

Digital penetrometer

To test the fruit pressure

Digital lux meter

To measure the insitu light intensity

Kjeldahl digestion & distillation unit

Determination of nitrogen

Digital flame photometer EI/381

Determination of potassium, sodium and calcium

Fast distillation unit

Water distillation

Digital centrifuge

Separation of substances

Micro Centrifuge

Separation of substances

UV-vis spectrophotometer with UV pro software

Determining absorbance of pigments /colors etc

Trinocular microscope with CMOS camera

Investigating small objects

Seed germinator

Germinating seeds at control conditions

GPS -60x Garmin

Measurement of locations in the field

Dissecting microscopes

Investigating small objects

Compound microscope

Investigating small objects

BOD incubator

Temperature & humidity dependant incubation

Hot air oven

For drying materials

Vertical autoclave


Soxhlet apparatus



For sampling

Vertical laminar airflow

Preventing contamination and making aseptic conditions


Storage of samples and some chemicals

Precision balances

Weighing /measuring small units of materials

Electronic fibra plus

Fibre separation/extraction

Handheld Refractometers

Specific gravity of sugars

Digital verneer callipers

Measurement of dimensions

Measuring balance 50-100kg

Measurement of weight

Hi- tech green house

For insitu conservation and experimentation