Instruments Currently Housed/ Available in CIL:
    1. Microwave Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometer - Agilent 4100 MP- AES
    2. UV-VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer - Hitachi U4100L
    3. CHNS/O Elemental Analyzer with autosampler and TCD detector –Euro Vector, Model: EuroEA3000
Microscopic and Imaging Facility:
    1. Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) - FEI Technai G2 20 TWIN with EDAX Analyzer
UPLC and Mass Spectrometry:
    1. Tandem Quad-TOF Analyser, coupling facility with Liquid chromatography Mass Spectrometer (LCMS)- Waters Xevo G2 QT of MS along with accessories
Protein Purification facility:
    1. Isoelectric Focusing Unit (IEF) & 2D – GE Healthcare
    2. Gel Running system (Hoefer) along with power pack
    3. Image Scanner III- GE Healthcare
    4. AKTApurifier 10 Core System with Pump P903, Monitors UV900 & pH/C 900, unichrome refrigerator.
Liquid Scintillation Counting (LSC):
    1. Liquid Scintillation Counter- Hidex, Finland, Model: 300SL automatic TDCR
Genomics, Mutations and SNP- Typing, molecular Biodiversity:
    1. Real Time PCR Machine (RT-PCR) – Applied Biosystems STEPONE PLUS, 96 Well
    2. *Gradient Thermal Cycler – Applied Biosystems, Model Veriti 96 Well.
    3. *Universal Mutation Detection System (DGGE) – Biorad, Model: DCode
    4. *Gel Doc- Biorad (EZ Imager)
    5. *Speed Vac Concentrator – Operon
    1. Gradient HPLC with UV Detector- Waters
    2. *Gradient HPLC with RI Detector- Waters
    3. *Gas Chromatography (GC) with FID Detector – Thermofisher Scientific
    1. Pulse Amplitude Modulated Fluorimeter-DUAL-PAM-100- Heinz Walz
    2. *Oxygen Measurement Controller (digital, model no 10) equipped with Dissolved Oxygen Electrode – Rank Brothers
    1. ULTRACENTRIFUGE (Refrigerated, 10,00,000 rpm; 8,03,000 rcf) – Hitachi: model no. CP100WX with various rotors
Material Science:
  1. Thermoluminiscence dosimeter Reader with Hot air annealing oven (14”x14”14”), 350/400 degree C. - Nucleonix Systems TL 1009
  2. Lyophilizer cum Freeze dryer-6L condenser capacity (-80°C) - Esquire Biotech.

Note: Equipments marked with * are not the part of CIL and are installed in Botany Department. These equipments are available for use as of CIL.