Departmental Library:

The departmental library was set up with books worth Rs. 10 lakhs from UGC Grant under the scheme of Development Assistance for Upgradation of Existing and New Management Departments (2007-2012). The Departmental Library has 4000 volumes in Management discipline. The library also has subscribed four management journals for reference. The daily management of the library is carried out through an inhouse developed software.

Computer Lab:

The Computer Laboratory currently has 35 systems, all its machines based on the Intel Core 2 Duo class processors (2 GB RAM) with all necessary software required for smooth conduct of the curricula. The Unit currently has 33 clients, one server and a stand-alone i-Mac. All machines are connected to the Internet. The entire block is wi-fi enabled with two access points. The lab is directly under the System Administrator of the University Computer Centre but day-to-day activities are looked after by the Computing Lab Assistant. The Unit is open from 0900 to 1700 Hrs on week days and also on weekends as per requirements. Clients have Windows XP/Windows 7 Professional installed as well as office automation software. Students can avail of various services like printing etc. by paying nominal rates.

Research facilities:

Since June 2010, the department publishes an International Journal entitled “Management Convergence” a bi-annual publication.

Student's Lounge:

The department provides a lounge for the students to read newspapers, access internet through wifi and to see news on TV.

Video Conferencing Facility:

The department has a videoconferencing facility whch is used for lectures from other instututions, placement interviews, and other activities.

OB Laboratory:

Organisational Behaviour laboratory is extensivly used for research activities related to organisational behaviour related research areas. The laboratory has several equipments related to advanced research activities in OB.