Department of Planning & Architecture

Head in- charge: Sylvia Romawizuali

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Phone: 08731060062

Department Information : 

The Department of Planning & Architecture duly recognized by the Council of Architecture, Govt. of India (under Architects Act, 1972) was established in May 2013 offering undergraduate course in Architecture (B.Arch).The department has young, vibrant and dedicated faculty viz Three Assistant Professors, One Professor (Design Chair) and Four Guest Faculty. The department is well equipped with the latest and modern teaching material, Computer lab, Workshop and ample spaces for the students. 

Aim and objective:    The Department of Planning and Architecture aims to become a pioneer school in the region where architectural education is scarce but much needed owing to its topography and proneness to landslides and earthquakes. The burgeoning growth of society and infrastructure requires professionals that can guide and direct development for livable cities and towns that are sustainable and are healthy for the future environment. The school's pedagogy will help instill valuable practical knowledge, encourage craftsmanship and ways to materialize ideas. It will also encourage research, free thinking and exploration of ideas.
    The department aims to bridge the knowledge gap largely present in the society by spreading awareness through the work and practice of the professionals that the department will inherently produce. With a vision to further grow to providing post graduate courses in the future, the department will strive to maintain a high benchmark in architectural education by maintaining strong relations with highly acclaimed institutions, companies and firms that are active in the industry and other professional bodies.


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