Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2013

Citrus germplasm situation in North East India  Untitled-1

Pages 1- 6

R. K. Bhattacharyya

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Heavy metal removal from aqueous solution by granulated waste fibre

Pages 7 – 13

Keun-Han Kim, Seung-Mok Lee, Youn-Jong Park, and Jae-Kyu Yang

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Application of sericite in the remediation of wastewater contaminated with cadmium (II): Batch and column reactor studies

Pages 14 – 21

Lalhmunsiama, Seung Mok Lee  and Diwakar Tiwari

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Preliminary studies on lichen flora of Mizoram, North East India

Pages 22 – 25

M. Chinlampianga, A.R. Logesh, Urvashi Dubey, Amritesh C. Shukla and D.K.Upreti

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Self-organizing maps analysis for interpreting patterns of gene expression of Capsicum annuum under temperature stress

Pages 26 – 30

Sanchita and Ashok Sharma

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Bio-monitoring of particulates through magnetic properties of road-side plant leaves: A case study of Aizawl, Mizoram, India

Pages 31 – 35

Prabhat Kumar Rai, Lalita L.S. Panda, Biku Moni Chutia and S.K. Patil

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Efficacy and potency of Paris polyphylla Smith, an ethno-medicinal plant of Mizoram

Pages 36 – 40

Fanai Lalsangluaii, M. Chinlampianga and Amritesh C. shukla

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Elemental composition of radish by DC-Arc optical emission spectroscopy

Pages 41 – 44

Shuchi Srivastava, Pavitra Tandon, Renu Singh, S. Kumar and K. N. Uttam

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Essential oil therapy: broad spectrum treatment against superficial fungal infections

Pages 45 – 49

Sushil Kumar Shahi, Mamta Patra Shahi, Amritesh Chandra Shukla and Anupam Dikshit

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Efficiency of ANN and SVM-QSAR modeling of taxane analogues against colon cancer cell line HT29

Pages 50 – 56

Om Prakash and Feroz Khan

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Geomorphometric variations in wild morphs of Antheraea assamensis (Lepidoptera: Saturniidae: Saturniini) from Mizoram

Pages 57 – 64

Ruth Lalfelpuii, Lalhmangaihzuali Ralte, Esther Lalhmingliani, N. Senthil Kumar and G.Gurusubramanian

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AM Fungi; nutrient supplement to plants and soil; A Review

Pages 65 – 75

Raghvendra P. Narayan, Varun Khare and H. K. Kehri 

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