Zoology Facilities

Departmental Library:

 downloadClick here to download the list of books in the departmental library.

Departmental Equiments:

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Computing Facilities:

The Department has one laptop, ten complete set of computer with internet connections, Xerox Machine,Scanner, Fax Machine etc.

Research Facilities of the Department of Zoology:

  1. Cell Culture Laboratory
  2. Flourescent Microscope (Leica DM 2500)
  3. Inverted Microscope (Leica)
  4. Micro Centrifuge (Eppendorf)
  5. PCR Machine
  6. Cellfrost deep freezer
  7. Gel Doc (Unitec)
  8. Incubator Shaker
  9. Laminar Airflow (Small)
  10. Minispin
  11. Microspin
  12. Refrigerator
  13. Microtome
  14. Electrophoresis
  15. Table top Autoclave